Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mekong River Tours - to not Be lost for the Sheer Novelty of the Floating Markets!

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Vietnam could be a actually howling area with lots of lovely scenic beauty and a fashionable cultural history. Though there's no shortage of things to try in Vietnam right from journey holidays to quiet on its beautiful beaches, there is, however, a awfully completely different quite expertise to be had with the river tours. This tour provides you AN insight into a very completely different approach of living and culture.

The river delta is found within the South of Vietnam and is simply a four-hour drive from metal Chi Minh town, a vivacious place and also the finance capital of the country. The delta's giant thirty-nine,000 sqkm space contains of gorgeous paddy fields with rivers and canals criss-crossing it. The land is extraordinarily fertile and its rice production beats the combined production of peninsula and Japan. Life here whole revolves round the watercourse and also the watercourse is that the 'highway' of the world. Boats navigate the canals and watercourses to travel from one village to a different and you'll get to expertise shopping for contemporary manufacture from river markets. you'll additionally get to ascertain however the locals farm close to and on the watercourse. Another novel sight are going to be that rather than breeding domestic cattle, these watercourse folks breed fish like Tra catfish, shrimp and basa that area unit principally for export.

A ride on the traditional long-tail boat of Vietnam will take you to many interesting areas like honey bee farms, coconut farms which are all interconnected by canals in the centre of the river! The very many fruit orchards along the banks of the river will give you an opportunity to taste exotic, delicious fruits.

Perhaps the most memorable sight on your Mekong river tours will be that of the floating markets. The floating markets are boats which have all kinds of fruits and vegetables stalls and shopping begins in earnest from 4 A.M. especially at the port of Can Tho which is a lively city on the Mekong River. The PhungHiep market which is the largest floating market being at the intersection of seven major canals is bustling from 5 A.M. till noon. The locals know that the freshest and best produce are to be had in the earliest hours and if you want a true glimpse of local life, follow the locals early in the morning.

The floating markets also carry other different goods, samples of which are hoisted on bamboo poles tall enough for you to see them from a distance. It is a very interesting experience to be gliding through thick river traffic to reach the floating market of your choice. If you are unable to reach the selected boat you can imitate the locals and ask for the goods of your choice to fly between the river traffic!

For sheer novelty and an intriguing experience there is no doubt that the river tour on the Mekong delta is an experience not to be missed and it should definitely be a part of your Vietnam itinerary.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Vibrant City With Many Colors

When you are in Sri Lanka then the best place is of course its capital Colombo. It is biggest and most happening city that allure visitors from far off places. So book cheap flights to Colombo from London and enjoy fine dining, colonial heritage and umpteen shopping opportunities that makes it a must visit destination.

Most interesting ways to explore the beauty of city is an imposing double-decker bus that proved to be a magnet and attracts both local and foreign tourists alike. Comprehensive and detailed commentaries enlighten passengers with great cultural heritage of country and acquaint them with landmarks of city which is a fascinating blend of East and West. If you are visiting Colombo then it would be difficult not to immerse yourself in serenity of Buddhism which is practiced by majority of Sri Lankans. The city is a home to all religions which is evident by temples, mosques and churches sprouting amidst jumble of its colonial buildings. Located on western coast of Sri Lanka, Colombo offers a plethora of tourist attractions that include museums, architectural wonders, temples, shopping haunts etc for entertainment of its guests. Some amazing places that you can't afford to miss while visiting the city includes:-

Colombo National Museum:- Developed by Britishers in 1877 during their regime the museum is now a largest repository of historical manuscripts, antiques and artifacts in the country and stands as a testimony of their glorious past. It is a must visit destination and among major attractions of city that you can't afford to miss. So catch low fare flights to Colombo and do visit this reservoir of great Sri Lankan history.

Galle Face Green:- It is one of the most visited sites of city which is thronged by vast number of visitors during their weekends to enjoy its tranquility and serenity. A long stretch of lawn facing the sea is dotted with joggers, kite flyers and walkers along with food vendors to feed them is very refreshing and provide its visitors a great escape from hectic city life.

Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara:- This is a major attraction for Buddhists visiting the country as this place is believed to have been visited by Buddha himself. The temple is renowned for its astonishing collection of Buddhist sculptures and paintings.

Dehiwala Zoo:- With an amazing nature and wildlife Sri Lanka is an island of surprises and there is always something new awaits you around every corner. Commonly known as Colombo Zoo it was established in 1936 and is one of the oldest zoological garden in Asia. It is no less than a paradise for nature lovers and brings them even more close to nature.

So just don't wait and book your flights to Sri Lanka as the country is so full of attractions and waited to get explored.